Trends in Sushi

Top Ten Trends in Sushi Restaurant Los Angeles


Japanese restaurants are very popular in the USA. Sushi happens to be one of the most popular Japanese dishes; it is also a traditional dish that consists of rice, vegetables, and some seafood. It is typically made from medium-grain white rice. There are several other popular Japanese dishes like Narezushi, Chrirazushi, and many more. Many people love to visit Japanese restaurants. Kaviar is one of the Best Sushi Places in California. This article explains some of the popular food trends in Sushi restaurants.

Sushi Dishes That Are Popular in Sushi Restaurants

1. Sushi Burrito: A sushi burrito consists of many ingredients, unlike the traditional sushi recipes that tend to contain one protein and vegetable. Some of the popular ingredients include Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp Tempura, Kani, Cucumber, Mango, and Lettuce. It consists of many sauces.

2. Sushi Burger: The sushi burger is a burger with rice as the bun and includes spicy tuna, seaweed leaves, avocado, and spicy mayo. It has an amazing flavor and is definitely worth trying. This is not the easiest dish to consume since it can easily fall apart, however; it is well worth the effort.

3. Crispy Rice & Spicy Tuna: This dish has the wildest flavor one can imagine. It combines the crunchiness of rice, smoothness of spicy tuna to make the perfect dish. This is commonly served as an appetizer and it is easy to consume several servings of this.

4. Sushi Sandwich: The sandwich form is a very strong trend since it has a good flavor as well as texture. It is a very good alternative to the sushi roll and of different shapes too. The rolls are cylindrical while the sandwich is a triangle. It is also not a one-bite dish; you need to take several bites to consume it. It has similar ingredients to the roll but it is simpler to fit it in a sandwich and easier to consume this way as well.

5. Sushi Cake: This is not a cake in the traditional sense, instead of a sushi cake that consists of ingredients like rice, fish, vegetables, and several other ingredients. This too has a good flavor but is hard to consume.

6. Sushi Doughnuts: As one can imagine this is doughnut-shaped rice, but it does not consist of the usual ingredients like fish, cucumber, or veggies. Instead, it consists of rice, sesame seeds, mayo, ginger, and wasabi.

7. Ramen & Sake: Sake is a popular trend (mixing it with other things). Ramen is a highly popular instant meal and when mixed with sake makes an interesting combination. It has a very good flavor and inspires the fact that it might sound very strange. It is more about the flavour and less about the alcohol.

8. Kaiseki: This is a multi-course Japanese meal that was a tradition in several Japanese homes. It is now offered in Japanese restaurants as a dish that includes miso soup, sashimi, and Japanese pickles.

9. Mochi: This is a popular dish however it is not easy to prepare. It involves having to pound glutinous dough to a great extent and making delicious chewy and flavored rice balls. It typically is filled with fermented red bean pasta as well and is a very popular New Year dish. The restaurants in the USA serving this dish tend to do so with Ice Cream and all year round.

10. Sata Anadagi: This is a popular dish from the South of Japan that includes sugar, dough, and several other ingredients. The perfect translation of this is “Deep Fried Sugar” and is dense in texture like a cake with a dark brown crust.

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