Top 6 Ideas For Inside out Sushi Roll (Uramaki Sushi)


The nori seaweed is placed on the outside of traditional maki sushi, which has toppings and rice inside. The hosomaki, a thinner variation, and the futomaki, bigger maki sushi, are the two main varieties.


Sushi Rolls that are inside out are also referred to as uramaki in Japanese.


Because the nori sheet is rolled between layers of rice, uramaki sushi is often referred to as inside-out sushi. Sushi rice with a sticky flavor is therefore present both inside and out.


They are not Japanese culture-specific and rather a creation of the west. But over time, younger Japanese people have also become interested in these sushi rolls.


Sushi California Roll

The first inside-out sushi was the California roll. Avocado, cucumber, surimi imitation crab flesh, and Japanese mayonnaise are all used as fillings. Sesame seeds are rolled around the outside.


Sushi Rainbow Roll

The rainbow roll is a vibrant piece of uramaki sushi, according to its name! Our version of this sushi is made using everyday items including salmon, mayonnaise, avocado, cucumber, mango, and surimi crab sticks.


Sushi in a Dragon Roll

The green dragon roll recipe resembles an Asian dragon in appearance. Slices of fresh avocado are used as a topping to resemble dragon scales.


This sushi roll is topped with vibrant orange tobiko fish roe and filled with grilled shrimp, fresh avocado, cucumber, and mayonnaise.


Sushi with Spicy Salmon Roll

The sushi roll that comes closest to the original California roll is one with spicy salmon. It is filled with avocado, raw, fresh salmon, and hot mayonnaise.


Pennsylvania Roll Sushi

Over the past few years, this specific inside-out sushi roll has grown in popularity. Instead of mayo, the Philadelphia bun is packed with avocado, cucumber, and Philadelphia cream cheese. As a garnish, raw salmon slices are used.


Sushi Boston Roll

The uramaki for the boston roll sushi is a vivid orange hue. Tobiko fish roe is applied on the exterior side to achieve this. Cucumber, avocado, and grilled shrimp are all added to the sushi.


Making Uramaki Sushi: Tips

1. Wrap your sushi mat in plastic wrap before rolling your sushi from the inside out. Because the exterior rice is also sticky, rolling and cleaning your sushi mat is made simpler.

2. Japanese style, season your homemade cooked sushi rice.

3. To make an even layer, press the rice firmly onto the nori seaweed sheet. It shouldn’t be too thick of a layer.

4. Roll in cautiously by gently pressing down and rolling in the other direction.

5. Start with the California roll if you’re making inside-out sushi for the first time because it’s the simplest to create from scratch.

6. Make 8 cuts on your sushi roll. Cut with a razor-sharp knife. After each cut, wash your knife with water and a kitchen towel. When slicing sushi rolls into uniform-sized pieces, the knife shouldn’t be damp.


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