Tips To Host A Sushi Events


As we all are aware of the traditional Japanese food Sushi and how it has been a favorite of almost everyone in this time. This cuisine is no longer traditional and has become international food. Some people host sushi events globally.

There are some fixed ingredients required for the Sushi event which are rice, meat, salmon, herbs, etc. And there are many ways to host these Sushi Events for food lovers.


This article will give you some good hosting tips for Sushi Events.


Types Of Sushi Parties

There are many types of sushi parties, but mostly there are two types of parties hosted by the people. We will give you a complete idea about both types of parties.


1 Advanced Prepared

In this sushi event, the host prepares the Sushi for the guests. It can be prepared for lunch or dinner by the host. Some special recommendations are posted for this type of sushi party. Gyoza for appetizers is a must for the sushi party.

Edamame is the quickest dish to serve with this amazing Japanese cuisine. It is for the guests who don’t like spicy food and want something light as a side dish with Sushi.


2 Sushi Prepared By The Guests

The Sushi prepared by the guests is one of the most fun activities in the sushi event. In this event, the guest prepares a different kind of Sushi by themselves, or they cook on the spot their wished Sushi for others and all enjoy it together. This can be done with close family or friends and even with a large group of people as an event.

To get together and make different kinds of tasty Sushi for each other. This second activity involves a lot of people and makes it more fun for both the hosts and guests. The second category can be prepared on a large scale.


Japanese Dining Manners

The sushi events can become more fun if tasty Sushi is served in the traditional way. It looks more delicious when it is served with proper Japanese dining bowls, plates, and chopsticks.


Use wooden bowls and chopsticks for dining.

Cook side dishes in a barbeque style on coal.

Serve Green tea as the communal beverage.

Follow the tradition of making the adults eat first at the dining table.

Turn the face on the side while drinking alcohol in front of elders.


Suitable Desserts With Sushi


There is a famous dish called mochi, which is made up of rice and sweet red bean sauce. It is sweet and sticky like ice cream, perfectly suited to go with Sushi. Mochi is the ideal choice for a Sushi party as a dessert.

Anmitsu is the historic Japanese dish to go with Sushi. The earthly sweetness blends amazingly with the taste of Sushi.

Castella is the sweet ice cream-like taste that gives a rich and creamy taste. Perfect after the plate of tasty Sushi.

The honey toast is an important dessert dish served after the Sushi. It is the typical choice nowadays as dessert after Sushi.


Host Amazing Sushi Event

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