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The Key Elements Of The Great Sushi


The first impression of Sushi is often that it is a simple dish made from common ingredients. It might seem like something anyone can make at the first glance. It is essentially a simple glob of rice and fish in appearance.

But it is more than just a simple rice dish and it takes a much longer time than you may imagine becoming a sushi master. The world’s best sushi makers are well aware of this fact. However, they themselves are passionately committed to perfecting this craft. Because every last detail of sushi preparation is equally important. Though the ingredients are simple, the chefs are skillful enough to cook an amazing dish of sushi that tastes great.

At Kaviar Sushi Bar Restaurant, we seek the same level of perfection to provide the guests with balanced and elegant Sushi in East Pasadena. There are various kinds of sushi variations available at the restaurant; however, the basic elements that remain the same for every dish are to be discussed in this article.

Key Ingredients of Sushi

  • Rice: It is considered to be a high premium place for rice and its preparation as it needs to be at the right temperature and should be sticky enough too, so it doesn’t fall apart as you bring it closer to your mouth. And it needs to be in perfect texture and have a fully worthwhile experience in the piece of sushi. However, this skill can take years of learning as it is a trick to nailing this perfect consistency in the preparation of the rice and the rolling of the sushi. To truly master this by applying just the right amount of pressure to make the outer layer more densely packed than the inside.
  • Fish: Besides the rice, which other element makes great sushi? The answer to that is a good quality fish. One of the more obvious and major factors for great-tasting sushi is its freshness. It is not uncommon for the chefs to order fresh fish for this dish. The taste tends to vary depending on the way it is cooked.

What would you do to really enjoy your sushi? Sushi chefs claim that it is meant to be eaten in a specific way. If you follow their method, your sushi eating experience would be much more delightful.

And to eat the sushi the best way is to eat them in a way they are served by the chefs. Like some places with sauce and others season the sushi before serving. While some would consider it offensive, (adding soy sauce beforehand), Sushi is to be eaten in one bite by dipping the fish in the soy sauce and not rice.

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