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Kaviar Sushi Bar is the best place for those who love sushi. This Authentic Japanese Restaurant becomes apparent the second you enter the place. We serve all the traditional Japanese dishes, including sushi. Our menu offers an exquisite selection of Japanese dishes prepared by some of the most talented chefs in the USA. We are a sophisticated, upscale restaurant where all the ingredients, including the fish, are picked from the most proper place.

Explore our menu with the help of our staff who have the expertise in this matter, and They are the perfect people to guide you through the finest Japanese cuisine in town. We ensure you will experience the perfect journey through culture and traditions and dine at one of the Finest Sushi Restaurants near Highland Park.

Kaviar is located in Pasadena around Los Angeles and also happens to be one of the best Highland Park Sushi restaurants. We offer the ultimate dining experience for those who love authentic Japanese dishes in fact, it becomes apparent that this is an authentic Japanese restaurant from the time you enter, with the stunning interior decor that sets the mood for the meal. Our chefs cook your meal to perfection, with a traditional flavor cooked with a modern touch. Book Your Table now and reserve your place for the ultimate dining experience.

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