Best Dishes That You Should Try At Kaviar Sushi Bar


What would you think to eat after a long tiring day is good Sushi, right! What will be that one good Sushi which will satisfy your hunger? Don’t worry, and we have tons of options for you to make you happy and content with a good meal. Kaviar is one of the best sushi restaurants in California. We have several amazing dishes that will definitely satisfy your hunger and give you a good explosion of various tastes.

We have the dishes in traditional forms and those with modern tastes to give them exciting new touch and experience of food. Here we will give you a list of some amazing sushi dishes to balance your food with your mood.

Best Dishes At Kaviar Sushi

Signature Salmon Sushi: At any sushi restaurant, salmon sushi is the first and most traditional choice of sushi lovers. It is baked with smoked salmon and served with tasty seasoning and side dishes to make it more delicious. The taste is perfectly blended and balanced to give a pleasant taste to the customers.

Bluefin Toro Sushi: Bluefin toro sushi is our specialized fusion sushi. It is made with truffle oil, crystal salt, caviar, and 24K gold flakes to enhance the ingredients of the dish and make it more delicious. These special ingredients we add are for the solid-based texture of the food and give good after taste to the customers.

Halibut Sushi: Halibut sushi is a very particular kind of Sushi that is suitable for some people only with particular taste buds. We make modern halibut sushi at our restaurant to give a rich food experience to the clients. This Sushi has a hint of lemon, black salt, Ponzo, and yuzu. These ingredients make sure that there is a complete strong taste of the Sushi with a hint of sourness in it to make it more delicious.

Spanish Mackerel Sushi: Sushi is a traditional and authentic Japanese dish, but we have mastered it in new ways by blending it with tastes from other countries. As one of our famous Spanish mackerel sushi, this is one of the favorites of our customers when they want to try out something new. It has a strong hint of ginger, scallion, and ponzu to give the different flavors in one dish. This dish is the melting point of Japanese and Spanish tastes for the customers.

Premium UNI: The premium UNI is one of the most different dishes we present to our clients, and it has a rich and solid base of black caviar, which gives a strong essence and taste to toe sushi. The smoked flavors of other ingredients and their seasoning are the icing on the top of this dish. All in all, this dish has royalty in it and is served with premium quality to our customers.

Our Best Dishes

Apart from the sushi, the Kaviar Sushi Restaurant has many amazing dishes which serve different drinks to give the proper dining experience to the customers. Our customers have been satisfied with all of our dishes over all these years, and we continue to maintain this legacy.