7 Sushi Etiquette Tips to Eat at Japanese Sushi Restaurant Like A Native


At most Japanese Sushi Restaurants the vibes are surely light and casual. As one consumes their sushi with the chopsticks and is done in no time. This happens to be the favorite dish of many. However, there are various rules & etiquettes one needs to follow to become a true master of sushi etiquette as explained in this article.

Sushi Dish

7 Tip for Sushi Etiquettes

1. Make a Reservation: The very first step is to call ahead of your reservation, in case you have dietary restrictions. They will require advance notice to accommodate you in the best way possible. Some sushi restaurants may not accept cards so you would need to carry cash.

2. No turn-up: If you make a reservation then ideally you should not miss it. Even though it is not showing, you may still be charged for the meal. This might seem unreasonable, however, there is a good reason for this. The reason is that Sushi is always served fresh and if you do not turn up it is going to be wasted.

3. Taking Permission Photos: Tourists who often show up with their cameras want to snap pictures of everything they want to eat. But it is very much important to first ask the restaurants whether it is fine to do so. Look out for signs that ban photography too.

4. Do not mix Perfume and Sushi: Those who really know how to eat sushi would know the experience as to how much it has to do with the smell too along with the taste. The basic freshness of sushi should not be overwhelmed with external flavoring. To enjoy the true flavor of the sushi does not wear any kind of perfume or scented lotion. The no perfume rule helps maintain harmony among everyone.

5. Finish what you order: Order what you wish, but finish everything that’s put on your plate, since this is considered good sushi etiquette. It would be rude to leave any of the pieces uneaten. That too after you had given your dietary preferences in advance.

6. Use soy sauce sparingly: It is recommended to energize sushi eating with the right amount of soy sauce and wasabi. At some restaurants, chefs may add soy sauce for you creating the perfect balanced taste. Dipping sushi fish side down is the right way to dip as that would prevent the rice from falling apart, and it tastes better too.

7. Don’t overstay your welcome: Whether you have finished your meal or are consuming it, keep the sushi manners in mind. To linger and continue chatting at the table in a busier restaurant seems rude. Hence after the last delights have been consumed you should no longer stay for chit-chat.

In Japan, there is no need to include gratuity, as the chef of such places considers the enjoyment of a meal as their reward only. Additionally, paying by card is less common, even for an expensive meal. You now know all true sushi etiquettes so when you visit one you will enjoy your sushi more. Kaviar Sushi Bar is one of the Best Sushi Restaurants in old Pasadena, one with a fusion of both modern and traditional flavors.