7 Iconic Japanese Dishes


Kaviar Sushi bar Restaurant specializes in Sushi but there is more to Japanese food than just Sushi. This blog is all about Iconic Japanese Food. If you happen to be near Pasadena, there is no better place for Japanese food.

7 Iconic Japanese Food


To kick off the list of favorite Japanese foods, there is no better option than Sushi. Sushi is a great work of art and needs much practice. Sushi is raw fish, vinegar rice, with toppings on it. There is also a wide array of Sushi rolls out there. Sushi Bars all over the world are serving delectable and original rolls.


If you ever venture to Japan, you can find Ramen on almost every street corner. It is a delicious noodle soup. It is inexpensive and also very delicious and also another famous dish in Japan. It is a pretty awesome combination and trying the regional variation of this iconic dish is recommended when in Japan.


It is a seafood dish that has vegetables dredged in batter and then cooked in oil. You can term this dish as a traditional Japanese food that has been around for centuries and is available in almost all Japanese restaurants. Japan has created this game-changing art of batter frying their fish, from a dish that is actually of Portugal origin.


Something that’s totally original is classic Japanese food. In Hiroshima and Osaka, this dish is very famous and can be found on large hot plates allowing patrons to prepare their own Okonomiyaki.


“Meat on a stick” is something that is present in every culture. And Japanese food is no exception and Yakitori proves the same. It is a skewered grilled meat, mostly chicken that is seasoned, sauced followed by grilling over charcoal, and then served.


It is one of the insanely delicious dishes allowing the Japanese hot pot to drop slices of meat, seafood, vegetables, tofu including other ingredients as well. You can add ingredients you crave into a near-boiling hot soup. This name actually came from the sound the thin slices of meat make when being swished.


This is a thick wheat-flour based noodle, slightly thicker than Ramen and chewier. All over Japan, there are several Japanese restaurants that are specifically devoted to making ultra special and delicious Udon. These restaurants serve Udon hot sometimes with meat, vegetables, and eggs. It is a mandatory custom to make a slurping sound while eating this dish.

We hope that this blog helps you know more about various delicious Japanese dishes and inspires you to eat them at least once. It might not be feasible for everyone to visit Japan to taste their cuisine, but you still have the option of stopping by Kaviar Sushi Restaurant which serves the best Sushi in town.